I own Model A Hot Rod that has been my pride and joy for the past few years. My only frustration in owning this vehicle has been the unrealistic and poor service experiences I have had at other garages.  It seems that although my car is essentially a ‘home made’ car that I and others before me have invested literally hundreds of hours in not to mention hard earned money, most Garages see it as a ‘custom car’allowing them to charge far more than they would for a standard automobile for services and perform repair work that has often been of poor quality.

 Model A


Fortunately for me and my family, Amos and Amy have restored my faith in privately owned Garages. My three experiences with them have been wonderful. Modifications Amos has made to my ‘baby’ and all repairs and services they have rendered have met my expectations for high quality work and have been priced fairly and competitively.  Amos has treated my car as he would his own and has demonstrated his pride in his work, his obvious experience and his appreciation of his customers.


- Bill & Alice Daugherty



In an era of instant self gratification, entitlement, moral and fiscal bankruptcy, how refreshing to come across a garage that still does things 'the old-fashioned way'.  Amos, don't ever consider getting into politics, you have too much honesty and integrity.  If you haven't taken your car to Patton's Auto & Muffler, you're missing out on a rare experience.


- Bob